Comichaus retrospective (quite nice stuff about Chalk)

As part of their end-of-year funtimes, Indiecomix's Scott Mack has been writing a retrospective of the various stories featured in the Comichaus anthology over the last year or so, including a quite lovely review of Chalk by Catia Fantini and I - "...the script is intelligent, witty, and for anyone of the religious inclination, I can’t... Continue Reading →


A Place To Hang Your Cape – Comichaus Review

Fred McNamara over at A Place To Hang Your Cape has written an awfully nice review of Comichaus #4. Contains Chalk. As in the strip Chalk by Catia Fantini and I, not actual physical chalk. You can't do that on a website. Read it here.   

Lizard Men #1 – Popbollocks Review

"I'm not going to read the reviews" I told myself before we started sending this out to people. I lied. I like this one though, as the reviewer TOTALLY gets half the stuff I've been banging on about. Thanks Popbollocks! Read it here.

Lizard Men preview

In advance of the Lizard Men Kickstarter launching tomorrow (EEK EEK EEK), here's a small preview, capturing the earnest, serious moment our new PM settles into his office. Words by moi, line art by Catia Fantini, colours by Chiara Bonacini, lettering by Ken Reynolds, edited by Mira Manga and published by Comichaus.


HELLO! It’s been a while. I’ll be refreshing this site over the coming weeks as and when time allows, but today I am announcing a shiny new project which you can BUY from next week. Want to know more? Riding a tidal wave of optimism, your new favourite singer is Prime Minister of Great Britain.... Continue Reading →

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