The Lizard Men Issues 4-6 Kickstarter is GO!

FB Cover Photo 4-6

Oh yes. We’re live. The end is nigh! This morning we launched the Lizard Men issues 4-6 Kickstarter campaign. Head HERE to get involved!

Riding a tidal wave of optimism, your new favourite singer is Prime Minister of Great Britain. Events turn even more unlikely when he and his plans for change meet the shapeshifting lizard people that really *are* in charge of the world…

The Prime Minister has punched a princess. While he spends time in a jail cell, the cabinet is in disarray and it’s finally time for Saint Nina Fenderson to make her move…


We thought we’d try something different this time round. For this campaign we’re coming to you for funding to get issues #4, #5 AND #6 printed! Yep, all three of the remaining issues of Lizard Men. Building on the frankly ridiculous cliffhanger of issue #3 to a great big dramatic conclusion, with at least three major WTF moments ahead of you as the brown stuff makes its way fanward.


You may be asking why! We basically worked out that what with Christmas coming up and January being a write-off, we’d not be launching the issue 5 campaign until February, with 6 coming in April. That’s a long way off, so we figured we’d try this instead. Kickstarter campaigns take a lot of time, and we think that would be time better spent making you the actual comic and getting that into your hands. After contemplating that, you may follow up your ‘why’ with “how’s this going to work?!”

Issue 4 is already complete. By the time this campaign ends, issue 5 will also be complete, so they’ll go to print immediately after the funds clear for this campaign and as soon as it comes back to us, it’ll come straight to you. The final draft of the #6 script was handed in a couple of weeks back, so work will commence as soon as #5 is in the bag and that will go to print by mid-January, and out to YOU by the end of the month.

Exciting, no?

Obviously the postage is higher than normal as it’s covering two separate packages, so we’ve created a Patient Backer reward tier to reduce that cost. If you choose this option you’ll get all three issues in PDF form as soon as they’re done, and the physical copies in one big hit as soon as issue 6 is printed.




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