Seasons of War book cover


Following my cover for 2015’s A Time Lord For Change anthology, I was really chuffed to be asked back by Chinbeard Books to provide cover art for their upcoming Seasons of War: Regenerations anthology. Thanks to Chiara Bonacini for the colour assist!


The Time War is affecting The War Doctor’s past.

Regenerations features Doctors 1 to 8, each appearing in what should be a celebrated and classic tale. But, with each story, there is something wrong. The events within have been immeasurably altered, changed, and perverted by the raging Time War and nothing is as it once was and nothing is as it was once remembered.

From an initial idea by Seasons of War Editor and Writer, Declan May.

Written by Sami Kelsh, Warren Frey and Barnaby Eaton-Jones

Cover illustration by Steve Horry

(with additional colouring by Chiara Bonacini)

As with Seasons of War, this book will benefit the Caudwell Children‘s charity.

We, at Chinbeard Books, are delighted to be supporting this very worthwhile charity for autistic children once more and we’re also grateful to Declan May for allowing us to publish this book. There are other books soon to be available under the Seasons of War banner, not published by us, and they can be found here: SEASONS OF WAR


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