Smokey Digital Seahorse

I done a comic strip!

There is even a launch party! Next Friday night (3rd October) at Gosh! Comics in Soho. More detail here:

Next week sees the publication of Tempo-Lush Tales, an anthology of comics written by Richy K. Chandler. Richy is one of those people who is a bit sickening, being very good at a lot of different things. We originally met probably just over a decade ago when my friend Deborah and I were pulling together a band. He could drum, y’see. He slipped me a CD of his self-produced songs. The guy can basically play lots of instruments, and, it turns out, in the 10 years since we last met, he’s also been making some basically awesome comics including stuff like Lucy The Octopus, Rosie & Jacinda, Adventure Time and Wallace & Gromit. All of which you can read about here: . So he can write, he can draw, he can play a bunch of instruments and he can write songs. I know, right?! I bumped into Richy at a couple of comic cons and we talked about working on something together. Shortly after the script for Smokey Digital Seahorse landed. “Blimey.” I thought to myself. “This is a bit good.” Which is what I say out loud when I’m thinking “OMGOMGAMAZING!”

Smokey Digital Seahorse is a very intimate story about time travel, life, loss, and seizing the moment. I really enjoyed drawing it. I actually miss drawing Susan, the lead character. Early warning to everyone I ever work with from now on: I’m probably going to sneak her into the background of every comic I ever draw from now on. I felt a bit bad that I’d spent most of the 10 pages drawing her moping quite a bit so thought I’d cheer her up a bit in a little sketch that got a bit out of hand.  So here you go:


Look at her happy face! And in sneaky peaky stylee, here is page 1:


So yeah. Come to the launch party. And if you’re so inclined, join me after for Nuis@nce at the Buffalo Bar (, where I’ll be DJing with the usual Britpop obsessed crazies. And buy this thing!

Richy’s website


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