My mental week by Steven Horry aged 33 and (quite) a bit.


So it started on the 14th August with the publication of MTV Geek’s review of The Islanders. I’d feel a little vain quoting from it, so please do go to and read for yourself. And then buy the book at !


Then on the Wednesday I made an appearance on the Joyzine show on Radio Croydon. I was there to talk about The Islanders, but other topics of conversation included my history as a failed indie pop band, my Britpop club night Nuis@nce and how I came to find myself playing in a regenerated version of top Britpop act Menswe@r. With Johnny Dean. You can download it as a podcast here: I rock up around the second hour of the show. Thanks to Paul Madden for having me on!


And on Friday I played a sold out Rattlesnake in Islington as part of Menswe@r (v3.0). It was a bit amazing. Johnny talked about it here: and then the NME parroted it here:

There is also video over at if you are so inclined.





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