The Islanders is available NOW!

The Islanders is out! Now! You can buy it and everything!

In the mid-90s, teenaged couple Eddie Argos (now singer of Art Brut) and Amy Mason went on holiday to the Isle of Wight. Their memories kind of conflict each other…

The Islanders is a lo-fi musical, the tale of their relationship and their holiday. Amy tells her side of the story while Eddie interjects with his side in song, backed by folk musician Jim Moray. You can see the show now as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, but also – and this is where I come in – you can buy the book! And the album.

The book features the story and the lyrics and is part graphic novel, part illustrated book. You can buy it as a package with the album HERE:

There are two packages – MP3 + physical book or MP3 + ebook. The physical copies are strictly limited mind…

It’s ace. Please do buy it. I’m really proud of it. Amy is a brilliant writer, Eddie’s lyrics are his finest to date and Jim is a total genius. I feel lucky to be involved. Here’s a pic of some of the test pages:



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