First review in for Lizard Men #4!

"It feels like I’m left guessing at every page-turn with this one and even with a glimpse at the next issue I’m still in the dark on just where this one will go…..and holy shit that’s amazing." Thanks to G-Man at Comics Anonymous for this fab review of Lizard Men #3 and #4! It genuinely... Continue Reading →


The Lizard Men Issues 4-6 Kickstarter is GO!

Oh yes. We're live. The end is nigh! This morning we launched the Lizard Men issues 4-6 Kickstarter campaign. Head HERE to get involved! Riding a tidal wave of optimism, your new favourite singer is Prime Minister of Great Britain. Events turn even more unlikely when he and his plans for change meet the shapeshifting... Continue Reading →

Lizard Men #3 reviews round-up

Lizard Men #3 is available via now. Want to know what to expect? WELL YOU'RE IN LUCK. Firstly, the fabulously supportive G-Man @ Comics Anonymous interviewed me.  Then Cult Faction made our day with these words. As did 3 Million Years, to be fair.  And the lovely people at A Place To Hang Your Cape... Continue Reading →

A lot of Joy(zine)

Since I last updated this website, I've written a few more articles for Joyzine on various POP MUSIC things. Here! Have some links! A review of Social Candy, a single by the magnificently named Psychedelic Porn Crumpets can be read here.  I had THOUGHTS on both Princess Chelsea's recent album, The Loneliest Girl, and her... Continue Reading →

A little joy(zine).

I've written a review of Jonathan Bree's recent show at NTs in Hackney for long-running music site Joyzine, which you can read here. Spoiler alert: I thought it was ACE. Proper ace.


The Lizard Men #3 Kickstarter is GO! The campaign ends on Tuesday 7th August - click here to pre-order your copy.    Following the - quite literally - explosive conclusion to issue 2, the story resumes! We're super-proud of this one. By the end of the issue we've hit the halfway point with what I... Continue Reading →

Lizard Men on Bleeding Cool!

Lizard Men #1 made the list of 15 Things To Pick Up At The MCM London Comic Con Today over at Bleeding Cool, which was basically AMAZING! Read the full article via the link. Alas, MCM is now over, but hey! You can pick it up via Comichaus if you haven't already. The con itself... Continue Reading →

Comichaus #5 Review

"Chalk‘s ambition is worthy of the tip of a thousand hats. Fusing mystery, horror, romance and an added dash of time travel..." A Place To Hang Your Cape's Fred McNamara has reviewed issue 5 of the Comichaus anthology, featuring the third instalment of Chalk by Catia Fantini and I. Hurrah! Read the full review over... Continue Reading →

Cult Faction Reviews Lizard Men #2!

"Overall this is a British masterpiece of comic book literature and the series would definitely be a worthy read." is, well, WOW. That's a bit nice of them to say! Read the full review via Cult Faction's website and see if you can spot the bits (other than the quote above) that made the whole team squee.... Continue Reading →

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